Which books to read to earn a full time income by blogging.

I recently participated in an informal bloggers meet, (no, it is not an Indiblogger meet) to pass on my experience as a professional blogger and also to learn from other probloggers ‘ experience. We were 5, all from Bangalore. To make it precise, we met to discuss about books and guides on paid blogging.

An Introduction To Paid Blogging And Paid Blogging Websites

Oh, I think I should first tell you who professional bloggers are-right? Bloggers who make a living by blogging are called professional bloggers. Are you surprised that such a living is possible which would mean real work from home career? Yes, it is very much possible and I can assure you there are literally thousands of probloggers in India and abroad.

To get back to our experience exchange meeting, I learnt that I was the only one who learnt the complete art of blogging on my own. I mean, I never had any blogging guru (guide) who held my hand to teach blogging. I never read any blogging ebooks in the beginning of my blogging career that took off in 2005. I admit I bought a few books on niche blogging and affiliate blogging much later; so much later that I already had several niche blogs that fetched me moderate affiliate income too. However, those e-books did teach me a lot and I was able to increase my affiliate earnings after that.

The other 4 bloggers are widely read and pursuing successful problogging. The have bought books and guides in:

  • Blogging basics
  • Blogging for money
  • Blog flipping
  • Guest blogging
  • Affiliate blogging

We then exchanged reviews of blogging guides that we read which  revealed that books on dummies series helped majority of us. You may not understand the true worthiness of such books and guides that end with ‘for dummies’ till you read at least one book.

One author that is rated high by all of us 5 bloggers is Susan Gunelius. She is the best. Here are some of the brilliant guides for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. I have also shared some of the other books rated high by the other 4 bloggers. Choose any or all of them if you want to earn a full time income by just blogging.

Note: The images contain my affiliate id and I stand to gain if a sale is generated from the clicks on the links. For the benefit of those in India who do not have credit card, I have furnished links to places where they can pay in Indian rupees to buy the books.

While on each link’s web page, please read at least two reviews of the book; that would certainly help you to make decision.

Of course there are hundreds of guides and books on blogging but these are the ones that we discussed. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to say so in the comment section or using the ‘Contact‘ form. It will help me to further my blogging knowledge.

How to do php link cloaking?

How to cloak hop (clickbank) links or any other affiliate link without using any one of those free link redirecting service?
Create a txt file and copy this code:

header( ‘Location: Your affiliate hop link’ ) ;

Replace your affl link in the example below.


header( ‘Location: http://malathy.isuploader.hop.clickbank.net’ ) ;

Save it and rename it as index.php

Next, open your FTP client, click on public_html and click on your domain.
In it, create a directory and name it as the product name you are going to promote.
Don’t leave spaces in between the product name.

In my above example, I am promoting a product called ‘instant site uploader’

Now after I create a directory, it will look like like this:


In this folder, I upload the index.php file and save. Exit.

Now, my affiliate link will look like this:


Test it and you will be you have learnt something new.

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